Dear Neighbors,

I ask you for your vote for council here in Santa Fe, district 1, because there are a lot of concerns that we have as community members. I have the experience and backbone to make a difference. We have issues with a 20 to 25 million dollar budget deficit, inappropriate use of restricted funds like our park bond, confused Santa Fe utility billing and inflated water costs, high costs of living and property taxes,  invasive spot zoning & development proposals, high burglary and property crimes rates, minimal Santa Fe job growth and  etc... Do I need to go on with the list?

My first focus as councilwoman will be getting the city's budget on track. We have a unique quality of life with a deep rooted history and material culture that is core to our collective identity.  I want to keep Santa Fe's local cultural lifestyle intact as we grow our economy and housing market.   It is key for Santa Fe to be a safe and secure place where young families can afford to raise their children. 

That means we have to boost our viable industry resources available on the local level and capitalize them into sustainable jobs.

I love Santa Fe.  Our city is beautiful.  We are blessed with a village lifestyle; green with metropolitan amenities.  As city councilor, I will protect our local Spanish and native culture with its mix of modern arts, farmer’s markets, legendary cuisine, music, film, theater, and rustic sophistication. 

I look to preserve our neighborhoods’ quality of life: prevent invasive development; create a community conservation policy; create a West River conservation district.  Let’s clean up and fix our streets, sidewalks, and parks/trails.  Let’s keep Santa Fe green, with open spaces, mountain views, and clear skies for our future generations.   

I believe we are loving people.  We strive to uplift the lives of all our community members by embracing our young families raising children, veterans, senior citizens, at-risk-youth, those struggling with poverty, addiction, and homelessness.  Our city can operate for the people’s benefit, with an open-government, transparent, framed in accountability and worthy of trust.   

Holding city government accountable for results matter to us.  We want contracts and detailed spending information posted online, easily accessible, with transaction level detail—updated regularly.  Best practices suggest to post budgets using XML and structured formats for data transparency.  PDF formats cannot be usefully analyzed.  To uplift all our citizens, everything we do as a city needs to be measured by how it impacts our most economically fragile households.  Data is only useful if it can be understood and analyzed. 

In resolving the city’s budget problems let’s streamline; create jobs; lower water bills, fees, and taxes; and establish affordable living policies.  I do not agree with solving our 15-million-dollar debt by raising taxes, imposing franchise fees, building huge apartment complexes, and recruiting people to live here in order to generate more gross receipts.  Many people are barely getting back on their feet from the recession.  Franchise fee are just another name for new taxes.  I say, “No New Taxes!”   

Over-building, over-populating, hiking up property tax, and seizing more of our families’ disposable income causes further economic downturns.  In watching this trying to play out in city government makes me shake my head.  I have to laugh, not because it is funny, it is very serious, but because I feel like Wilma as she rolls her eyes in one of the classic Flintstone cartoons when Fred comes up with one of his cockamamie get-rich-quick schemes.  One that is never well thought out and always fails.   

Rather than taxing us, and destroying our village by over developing and producing a population explosion, let’s keep our deficit recovery methods down to earth.  The topmost role of our city government is to provide for sound and reliable infrastructure services.  That means effective police and fire departments, efficient trash collection, a road system that is kept in good repair, safe and secure neighborhoods with multi-purpose libraries, clean green space (parks, trails, bike paths) conducive to public health, public transportation that meets our actual needs, a dependable sewer system, and water supply that can accommodate economic growth.   

Under financial constraints, prioritization is vital.  City debt can be eliminated by allocating resources to core services using existing revenues more efficiently.  We can stop giving private enterprises subsidies, reduce staff through attrition, performance standards, and early retirements.  We can reorganize and consolidate departments.   

Once the city is well-organized, we can innovate our systems management and infrastructure services using advanced green technologies.  This will help save money, energy and protect our natural lifestyle rather than deteriorating it.  Santa Fe can be affordable, conducive to economic growth and business investment by keeping property taxes, sales taxes, and business regulations and fees low. 

Please check back again for updates as we get closer to election day on March 1st 2016.  If you have any specific question or concerns feel free to go to my contact page here on this website, or email me at and send me a message or call me at 505.660.0002.

Many blessings to you.  Thank you for your visit!             


Vote Marie Campos

Santa Fe City Council, District 1